Summer is the time to don your warm weather wardrobe and soak in the sunshine. A dainty necklace or two with a few sweet rings complete the effortless summer look.  Unfortunately, summer also tends to be harder on your jewelry.  To start with, metals tarnish more readily with humidity.  Second, there’s more chance for jewelry to end up in pools, the ocean, or caked in sunscreen.  But don’t worry - here are a few tips and reminders that will help keep your favorite pieces sparkling in the sun.


  1. Definitely party in the pool.  But your jewelry should sit it out. The chemicals that keep the water clean don’t play well with precious metals.
  2. Bobbing in the ocean waves makes for a great time, but your jewelry will be happier left safely on the beach.   
  3. If you’re planning a run in the sun, have a game of beach volleyball lined up, or if there’s a good chance of getting sweaty, try to remember to take off your jewelry.  Your sweat releases parts of your body’s unique biochemistry... right onto your necklaces, rings, or bracelets.  Depending on your chemistry, this can take a toll on your pieces.  If you forget, just make sure to clean off your jewelry with mild soap, fresh water, and a soft cloth so the sweat doesn’t sit on the surface.
  4. When you’re headed out in the sun, make sure you take your pieces off while you lather up with sunscreen.  Wait a few minutes for it to soak in and wash your hands before you put your jewelry back on.  Sunscreen has a lot of strong chemicals in it that are very hard on the surface of precious metals.  Also, after a day of wearing sunscreen along with jewelry, make sure to give it a good wash to remove any residual lotion.
  5.  The summer just seems to be harder on jewelry in general.  Taking a minute to give your pieces a nice wash at the end of the day to remove anything on the surface will do wonders for the life of your jewelry.

Most of our orders come with a polishing cloth just in case you do find your piece tarnishing from the summer’s heat and humidity. Use it sparingly for best effect, and follow the included instructions to keep all of your jewelry looking great for many summers to come.

Happy Summer!